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Our main objective is the construction of a solar UAV kit that is easy to assemble and that adapts to your specific needs.

Optimized design

Easy to assemble

Best materials

Sunny is built with a carbon fiber tube structure, a 3D ASA fuselage complemented with plywood and balsa wood. ASA plastic pieces are designed in Fusion 360.

ASA has hight outdoor weatherability; it retrains gloss, color, and mechanical properties in outdoor exposure. It has good chemical and heat resistance, high gloss, good antistatic properties, and is tough and rigid.

Solar cells

Sunpower solar cells do not require any complicated encapsulation process.

All woods are laser cut.

Easy kit assembly following detailed instruction manual.

Initially supplied to mount a total of 48 solar cells to its 4 meter wing span, Sunny is easily scalable, so if your project is to build a wing with more cells, do not doubt that this is the kit you have been waiting for.

The wings disassemble into 4 pieces, which they are easily transportable in a normal car.

The take off weight (TOW) of 48 cells configuration, including 4S2P Li-Ion 18650 battery is 3,350 gr. with a wing loading of 25 gr/dm2.

Navio 2

Navio 2 is an autopliot shield that is used with the Raspberry Pi board. This autopilot is not only designed as a platform for a Linux version of Ardupilot but also as a platform for your custom robotic projects.

The Navio2 eliminates any need to have multiple controllers onboard as everything is packed into one (with the Raspberry Pi), thus increasing the robustness of your project and facilitating the development.


UAVcast-Pro provides you BVLOS (Beyond Line Of Sight) capabillities with live telemetry and HD video with less than 500ms delay.

Team up your drone or remote vehicle with LTE raspberry pi companion computer and get wide range of possibilities.

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